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Thread Lift

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The Clinic 33 offers two thread lift techniques :

Dissolvable threads with cones « Silhouette Soft »:



30’ to challenge time ... !!

It is the time needed to implement the dissolvable thread «Silhouette ™ Soft»,

Redraw the oval of your face and smile again!


Double action

  • "Lift" action for an instant and natural effect
  • "Regenerating" action for progressive and natural results that restore the curve of your face.



Lifting and Regeneration of the oval of face, cheeks, cheekbones, neck or brow…


  • 3 anesthesia small dots
  • Introduction of the «Silhouette Soft ™» thread through the center point
  • Tensioning
  • Linear or in inverted V laying
  • Under local anesthesia, no incision and customized



Redefinition of the face without incision.





The non dissolvable threads  «Spring Thread ™»:

To raise eyebrows, tighten the facial or mitigate the nasolabial folds by non surgical facelift.


The non dissolvable lift thread is a totally innovative device made of flexible and elastic silicone and polyester to control the elasticity.

Barbs oriented in four directions give the product a more efficient anchor than all other products currently available.

It is implanted under the skin under local anesthetic.

Installation is quick and easy.

Virtually painless recovery.


The barbed thread «Spring Thread ™» allows to tighten sagging tissues of the face or neck without  surgical facelift.


The elastic threads «Spring Thread ™» provide support power that does not exist on the market.

Muscle mobility is retained and the result is a natural effect given by the elasticity and flexibility of the thread.


Benefits of tensor threads compared to surgical facelift:

  • Faster Intervention Time
  • Faster Recovery Time
  • No tissue damage
  • No scar appearance
  • No fixed appearance
  • No changes in the characteristics of the cheek
  • Reversible



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