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The peeling is an old method, which keeps its place and interest.

It is simple economic effective and easy to use.

Peels are diverse and can be used alone but especially in combination with other techniques (fillers, Botox ...).

They can also be "superimposed" to increase their efficience.


  • Principle of superficial peel:

- Controlled manner to improve the skin with chemical peels

- Replace the epidermis in part or in whole


  • Depending on the level of penetration:

- Superficial

- Very light: Malpighian layer

- Light: all of the epidermis


Technique of choice...


The highlight point is the absence of social or very moderate crowding, it is called "lunch peel".

This is a genuine care program: preparation of the skin, peeling session, monitoring and maintenance treatment. This promotes the observance of associated treatments and retains the patient.

The first consultation determines the patient's wishes, and allows not to disappoint him by unrealistic expectations of the outcome. The rigorous selection of patients will prevent many complications.

Clinical examination will take into account a number of variables of the skin, which will interfere with the penetration of peeling: the color of the skin, seborrhea, thickness, laxity, fragility, phototype according to Fitzpatrick, according to the Glogau photodamage.


All these elements allow to adapt the pre- peeling protocol, the choice of peeling and its concentration, and especially to adapt the post -peeling treatment.

Skin types I to III are good indications. From phototype IV, which is the case for the African population, the risk of postoperative hyperpigmentation is significant and requires greater care.


  • Peeling the key points:

Protocol 3 to 6 sessions with an interval of 15 days to 3 weeks between each session. Repeated sessions at regular intervals potentiates the results.

- D0: Preparation of the patient's skin 15 min before 1 peeling

- J15: peeling No. 1 

- J30: Peeling No. 2 

- J45: peeling No. 3 

- J60: Peeling No. 4


  • Post-peel Phase:

Roadmap for the patient...

Mild to moderate peeling, no social downtime, using thermal water, applying a moisturizer several times a day with sun protection, 50 or even 100 index.

Soon the return to normal skin, resumption of Glycolic acid cream until the next sitting of peeling.


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