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8 basic principles for a good monitoring at  Clinic 33:

  1. Drinking enough water
  2. Split diet
  3. Respect the prescribed intake of protein and protein / carbohydrates at each meal
  4. Observe the intake of starchy foods
  5. Choosing the right fats
  6. Consuming fruits and vegetables
  7. Do not skip breakfast
  8. Avoid drinks called "exciting"

Duo or family

Make a balanced food correction with your life partner or with the whole family increases the chances of a successful active nutritional approach.

Physical activity is important at different levels

  1. Physical activity results in energy expenditure; it contributes to the control and the loss of weight.
  2. The practice of regular physical activity decreases insulin secretion and therefore the risk of insulin resistance (and the risk of diabetes, multi-metabolic syndrome, etc.).
  3. Additionally, after some time of physical activity, muscles use  fat stored within the body.
  4. Physical activity cause the secretion of endorphins which help improve, among others, your well being.

Move daily!!

Note : Regardless of your age, overweight can be harmful to your health, that’s why emphasizing prevention is important.


Clinic 33 - Liposuccion

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Aesthetic medicine

Clinic 33 - Esthétique médicale
- Botulinum toxin
- Platelets autologous

- Fillers

- Thread lift

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