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Because the Clinic33 has been offering (vibro) liposuction interventions under local anesthesia (this is important!) for more than 20 years, the best  selection of liposuction technique is available there!!!

The esthetician doctor who practice liposuction has proven its expertise and professionalism in this field.

This allows, according to the official license from the Ministry of Health of Zanzibar, to perform the procedure.

  • Areas that can be treated by vibro-liposuction:

chin - arm - chest - stomach - abdomen - hips - flabby thighs - buttocks - anterior and inner thigh and knee - calf - ankle

  • Advantages of vibro-liposucion :

    1° Secure Technology, conducted in the operating room
    2° Intervention within one to three hours under  local anesthesia and without hospitalization 
    3° Easy recovery without  significant side effects 
    4° Rapid return to socio-professional activities (48h to 72h)   
    5° Efficiency for both deep and superficial fat
    6° Lightweight and discreet contention for a month
    7° Possible all year round 
    8° Over 20 years experience at the Clinic 33

  • Technique of vibro-liposuction:

VIBRO LIPOSUCTION with Lipomatic®. Best of current liposuction device. 

This is the cornerstone technique of the Clinic 33.

Performed under local anesthesia and without hospitalization, VIBRO LIPOSUCTION is superior to all other liposuction techniques for its speed, efficiency and security.
By a small movement of "wobble" (rapid movement from front to back and side), the probe will emulsify fats and thus facilitate their suction while respecting the surrounding tissues.

See for yourself!

At the appointment with the doctor specialized in this technique of Liposculpture, you get a complete assessment of what can be treated by VIBRO LIPOSUCTION. The doctor gives you a quote for the intervention of VIBRO LIPOSUCTION you want.

You set the date with him for intervention. You receive preoperative guidelines to follow strictly.

On the day of liposuction (VIBRO LIPOSUCTION) everything goes smoothly:
1.    Marking of areas to be treated 
2.    Photo Session
3.    Transfer to the operating room itself and preparation by the nurse 
4.    Small dots of cutaneous anesthesia practiced without pain to achieve very fine and very small incisions to introduce the tumescent local anesthesia probe and then the one of VIBRO LIPOSUCTION.
5.    Once areas are anesthetized, liposuction can begin. The vibratory sensation is strange but painless. The emulsified fat lobules get to the the suction jar through a tube. Slowly, following the rhythm of the vibrations, and micropompage gestures of the practitioner and the gentle suction, the level of fat increases in the liposuction jar.

6.    Once the goal is achieved, the incisions, almost invisible, are sutured and covered with a bandage.
7.    A contention panty, essential for a month, will ensure the successful healing and retention of skin.


With this VIBRO LIPOSUCTION technique, recovery is fast: you can go back to work after only 48 to 72 hours.

We will remove the suture thread the 10th day.

A check by the doctor is done the 30th day and the 90th day.




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