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What is your dream when looking at your face in the mirror every morning?
Would you fancy a lifting effect without the scalpel?
A facelift but natural?
Would you like to improve your profile, correct these imperfections, this oval face bothering you?
More than just a wrinkle filler, energize your face by restoring skin tension and volume.

Today there are biocompatible and absorbable but durable products, Juvederm (hyalaronique acid), Radiesse (calcium hydroxylapatite) and more!

These are not just fillers, these are also tissue generators that can work in vectors!

Vectors technique is an alternative to surgical lifting of the lower face.

It consists of injecting intosome very specific areas, very small amounts of filler in the dermis. Fan-shaped retrotracing injections are performed in the opposite direction to the release, allowing to retighten the tissues.

It allows to treat the loss of skin firmness of  lower or mid-third of the face. Often associated with a loss of volume it is the cause of facial aging: deepening of nasolabial folds, accentuating of marionette lines, jowls, and changing facial contours.

The result is a very natural lifting effect of the lower face with a good performance over time.

Current fillers are biocompatible fillers which are reduced slowly over 10 to 16 months depending on their viscosity.

This viscosity allows to inject the product without migration. It helps fill wrinkles, restore volumes and unlike other injection products, it will induce production of collagen.

Side effects are very light as with any injection with the onset of sensitivity of the injection area for twenty-four hours approx and mild redness, edema or hematoma.

No downtime is required and the patient can go back to work immediately.

Cliquez sur l'imageIndications:

  • Recreating lost volumes of the face
  • Harmonizing facial curves
  • Filling hollows and facial wrinkles
  • Reshaping and rejuvenating the face
  • Correcting an unsightly nose
  • Rejuvenating the back of the hands


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